4 Passenger Vehicle Price
  • Yesilkoy - Bakirkoy - Atakoy 19 EUR
  • Sultanahmet - Laleli - Sirkeci 25 EUR
  • Taksim-Beyoglu-Galata 30 EUR
  • Kadikoy-Uskudar-Beykoz 45 EUR
8 Passenger Vehicle Price
  • Yesilkoy - Bakirkoy - Atakoy 25 EUR
  • Sultanahmet - Laleli - Sirkeci 32 EUR
  • Taksim-Beyoglu-Galata 36 EUR
  • Kadikoy-Uskudar-Beykoz 55 EUR
16 Passenger Vehicle Price
  • Yesilkoy - Bakirkoy - Atakoy 40 EUR
  • Sultanahmet - Laleli - Sirkeci 40 EUR
  • Taksim-Beyoglu-Galata 45 EUR
  • Kadikoy-Uskudar-Beykoz 70 EUR

Where will we meet you ?

After finishing the passport control procedures and getting your luggage, please look for our driver stating your name outside the custom control. If, for any reason, you are unable to find your name, feel free to call our operations director Mr. Mesut +90 (551) 725 40 76

Ataturk Airport Transfer

Istanbul Atatürk International Airport (IST) is one of the busiest airports in Europe and the busiest in Turkey. There are over 1000 planes landing or taking off everyday. In other words, there is a plane landing or taking off every 60 second. Planes are carrying over 100.000 passengers a day.

It is approximately 25 kms away from the city centre. There are 4 commonly used transportation options to get to the city centre. Taking a taxi, using the airport transfer services, going by metro or airport bus.

Ataturk Airport Taxi

Taking a taxi from Istanbul Atatürk Airport is one of the most commonly used options to get to your address. It is easy to find a taxi at the airport. Yellow taxis are the official ones. Taxi fares are calculated by adding a fee per km to a constant initial fee. Sometimes taxi drivers can take you to your address through a longer way to increase the taxi fare. If you are not familiar with Istanbul roads it is highly possible that you will not even notice that. You can not book your taxi in advance so it is possible to find the vehicle unclean and uncomfortable. Usually drivers do not speak English and do not provide luggage assistance. It is not possible to get a baby seat.

Ataturk Airport Shuttle Bus (Havataş)

Istanbul Atatürk Airport shuttle services commonly known as Havataş, is a municipality owned airport shuttle service. Since it is municipally owned, it is reliable. Buses are located outside the airport terminal. But the service has its own disadvantages. They leave every half or one hour heading only to Taksim without stopping at particular particular stops. They do not go to Sultanahmet or other central points of Istanbul. So you will need to take a taxi to your accommodation address. This will eliminate its cheap price advantage especially if you are travelling with a group of people. Also you might have hard times while carrying your luggages from airport to shuttle, from shuttle to taxi etc... Airport shuttle services do not provide luggage assistance or baby seat.

Ataturk Airport Metro

The Airport Metro Station is about 15 minutes walk from terminals. Metro works 18 hours a day between 06:00 ­ 23:00. To see the Istanbul Metro and Tram map, click here. A metro coin costs about 1€. The price is cheap but most likely you will have to travel afoot as the trains are usually crowded. It will not be easy to carry your luggage and probably you will need to take a taxi to your accommodation address after metro. Istanbul Ataturk Airport Metro is surely a way to get your destination address if you are ready to make an effort.

Our Ataturk Airport Private Transfer Service:

As Safe Airport Transfer company, we provide reliable and comfortable Atatürk Airport transfers with affordable prices over a decade. Our services are customer satisfaction oriented and our operational philosophy is to have no hidden costs. With our fully insured vehicles and friendly staff we are one of the leading companies of the market. As part of our Istanbul Airport Transfer services, we provide luggage assistance, free baby seat, free water, 24/7 concierge service and more. Compared to similar Istanbul transfer services, we offer more quality and affordability!